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UserCV is Launching it's own Virtual Currency under custom Block Chain

Hello Users,

We are extremely happy to announce our new initiative. We are very soon going to launch our own Virtual Currency under custom Blockchain.

We started planning this from quite some long time ago and after thorough research, analysis and product at the running stage, we feel this is the right time to build our own Virtual Currency!

We want to join the Blockchain race right way. That is, First Product development and then We build our own Blockchain and then integrate! This will help us, investors, our miners and coin holders to have stronger trust and understand what future stands for our upcoming coin!

Our Coin will be used for following purposes from the beginning of launch:

  1. Send and Receive money across various users, regionally and internationally.
  2. Payment to hire various Users in our Platform and other Platform that will be using our Payment Gateway
  3. Buy and Sell Digital Items in Item Marketplace and our various other sites like (e-learning portal), (documentation platform), (e-commerce marketplace), and our Upcoming Payment Exchange and Payment Gateway platform!
  4. Play and use in our Upcoming Fantasy Game!

More platforms will be added soon once we start partnering with other marketplace and websites.

For more news and updates - Sign up at


UserCV Support

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